A full alloy wheel repair service in a box

The wheel centre is designed to be dropped shipped off the back of a flat bed lorry and craned into position. Only taking up the space of three car parking bays (UK STANDARD). Once landed as soon as you hook up the air supply (if you have the none compressor version) and the electrics you are ready to go and can be servicing wheels in hours.

The Wheel centre comes in two versions RETAIL and TRADE

The Retail centre has its own customer waiting area which is fully equipped with TV, WIFI and climate control. Giving your customers true comfort whilst they wait.

The trade centre is larger as the reception is taken out giving more space for equipment.

Take a look at the Wheel Centre E-brochure HERE for more information on both types of Centres.

The Wheel centre comes in two versions RETAIL and TRADE

What is inside a Wheel Centre

When you buy a Wheel Centre from XRS you will be asked a few questions about what it is you are looking for in your wheel centre as each centres internal machine are put in based on your budget and your requirements. As standard each wheel centre includes : –

  • 1 x DCR Pro
  • Tyre Bead breaker
  • Wheel Wash or H2O wheel Blaster
  • Wheel prep station with extraction
  • Paint prep and cleaning station (with extraction)
  • HSE approved spray booth for up to 4 wheels
  • Internal Air supply and electrics
  • Paint storage and tool station
  • First aid kit
  • Air fed masks

We are able to offer a complete business in a box working with our Auto Paint & Consumable Supplier partner Express Paints. Meaning your wheel centre is delivered with EVERYTHING you need right down to every last nut and bolt. We can even have it installed with remote CCTV enabling the business owner to monitor 24/7 the centre.

Tech Spec of the Wheel Centre

External dimensions of H3.3m x L 7.42m and a width of 3m
Power supply 3 phase (Tp&n) supply from type C32 amp mcb

Built on our site in Portsmouth UK the Wheel centres are backed up by a 12 month warranty.

To find out more about our Wheel Centres please CLICK HERE to contact us.

Tech Spec of the Wheel Centre

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