Why buy with DCR ?

Our Alloy Wheel Diamond Cutting Lathe is the first and only machine made in Britain in our head quarters in Portsmouth.
Our supply chain is primarily from around the Hampshire area keeping our production local. With over 20 staff hand making the DCR Pro you are assured of quality.

We are the innovators not the imitators of our industry with many global brands now making their machines “similar” to ours.

We are the industry leader with DCR technology including the tyre on tech. The ability to Diamond Cut Refinish Diamond Cut alloys with the tyres on.

Why DCR Pro?

Tyre on tech

Save time per wheel giving you increased efficiency and in turn increased profit. Once the wheel is prepped sprayed and cut there is also no chance of chipping or scratching the your nice new sprayed and cut wheel as the tyre just needs inflating.

Tyre on tech

Footprint, weight and power

Even with the smallest of workshops you can install a DCR with its small footprint it can sit where before you couldn’t put an Alloy wheel lathe.
Our machine works off single phase 13amp standard household plug meaning no need for industrial electrical upgrade. We do however recommend its only power supply.

Weighing in at just 390KG, the DCR Pro is fully mobile around the workshop with a pallet truck meaning as you change or evolve your work space you dont have to plan it around one machine. No technical lifting equipment needed.

With a sound rating of 65Db the machine is also quiet enough to run I a residential area .

The DCR Pro also has an easy to use interface that is as easy as using a mobile phone.

Footprint, weight and power

DCR Pro key technical features

  • Typical 20” wheel scanned in 30 seconds
  • Tyre on tech – cut up to 22” tyre on and 30” tyre off
  • Weighs less than 400Kg –
  • 240v, 13amp single phase supply meaning no industrial electric hook up needed
  • The worlds ONLY purpose solution to mobile diamond cut alloy wheel repair
  • Friendly to use interface
  • Made in Britain
  • Only 65Db so can be used in residential areas
  • Workshop solution
  • Mobile solution

CLICK HERE to contact our team today to discuss your Diamond Wheel cutting requirements or you can take a look at our DCR Pro E-Brochure HERE.

DCR Pro key technical features
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