The new industry standard

When we designed the DCR Pro we didn’t just want it to fit in a van we wanted it to compliment the other requirements you have to be able to do B2C and B2B complete Diamond Cutting and Alloy wheel refurbishment.

That is why the DCR Pro is design to fit through the Side door of a van allowing the ability to custom build your workspace in the rest of the van allowing for a complete business on wheels.

Everything you need to get started

We can advise on best solution for you based on your budget with all custom builds built by our partners allowing for complete customer flexibility.

The DCR Pro is designed to fit alongside a bead breaker, preparation and fully HSE compliant spray booth. The ONLY mobile Alloy wheel Diamond cutting lathe to do so.

With all the tech that the DCR Pro brings you are now able to offer at the door service for your customers no matter if they are retail or trade.

Everything you need to get started

Trusted by all

The DCR Pro is trusted for mobile repairs by large corporate car dealerships and well as one man bands, all are treated the same.

If you are looking to take your mobile alloy wheel repair business to the next level then CLICK HERE to contact our team.

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