made-in-britainWe started our journey to produce a state of the art, compact, 230v wheel lathe in 2011.

The sole purpose of our machine is for the refinishing of alloy wheels which means taking the minimum amount of material off a wheel to put it back to a perfect finish, on average we only remove 0.6mm from the surface of a wheel. Our patent pending technology has been designed to be simple to operate with as few processes as possible, we have achieved this with our touch screen interface with intuitive software, we have also produced a rapid repair process whilst keeping the ultimate finish for the wheel.

Diamond cut wheels are being fitted to more and more vehicles as a way of marking out the top of the range models along with the more sporty unique models. Mercedes, Lexus Ford and Honda have been fitting diamond cut wheels to their range of cars for some time now, however we are noticing that BMW, Nissan, Bentley, VW, Audi and Porsche are fitting Diamond cut wheels to more of their product range as standard.

Welcome to the future… DCR

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